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hourly fees

Examples of available candidates with their hourly fees

Web Development

Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack

From 34 € / hour

Mobile Development

iOS, Android

From 38 € / hour

Software Engineering

C++, Python, Java, .NET, and more

From 39 € / hour

Machine Learning

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

From 48 € / hour

Data Management

Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Big Data, Database administration

From 42 € / hour


UX/UI, Web, Branding

From 28 € / hour

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Our benefits

Here's why companies choose Evotym

Unparalleled Talent Quality

We ensure you work with only the best, rigorously vetting each talent's hard, soft skills, and remote work efficiency.

Risk-Free Talent Evaluation & Reliability

Benefit from a no-risk trial, coupled with our reliable and adaptable talent solutions.

Agile Team Scaling

Easily adjust your team size and work hours, matching your project's changing needs for optimal flexibility.

Transparent & Competitive Pricing

Evotym provides transparent, competitive pricing, helping you save on recruitment and employment-related costs.

Efficient & Economical

Only pay for the productive hours of the talent, eliminating extra costs and complexities of traditional employment.

Ongoing Support & Clear Communication

Guaranteed ongoing, transparent communication and dedicated support for every project, ensuring smooth collaboration and peace of mind.

With Evotym, you're not just building a team; you're empowering your project with exceptional talent, scalable solutions, and dedicated support that fosters innovation and growth of your business.


Hear it from our clients

Evotym saves time

“In just 2 weeks, they helped us hire 2 developers and a designer (frontend, backend, and UX). The whole process was clear and easy, making it smooth for us.”

Olga Pozdejeva

Head of Onboarding at Ecommpay

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Easy and effective experience

“The whole process was understandable and very cost-efficient. I will work with them again to scale the team.”

Denys Ustymenko

CEO at 1TN

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