7 in 10 candidates lie in their CVs. A Guide to Accurate Candidate Assessment

Learn how to navigate through resume exaggerations with our guide on employment verification, background checks, and effective recruitment strategies. Discover the truth behind the 51% of candidates who embellish their resumes.

November 29, 2023

Truth or Embellishment: Navigating the Modern Recruitment Landscape

In a competitive job market, discerning the truth on a candidate's resume is more crucial than ever. With a staggering 51% of candidates likely to embellish their job roles, the need for a robust and discerning recruitment process has never been greater. This guide aims to equip you with practical strategies for verifying candidate claims, ensuring your hiring decisions are based on authenticity and true potential.

Understanding Resume Exaggeration

Resume embellishment is a common concern in recruitment, with over half of candidates potentially overstating their responsibilities to appear more qualified. This trend underscores the importance of thorough vetting to sift out exaggeration from fact and identify candidates who genuinely possess the skills and experience they claim.

Strategies for Spotting Embellishments

  • Employment Verification: Begin by confirming the candidate's employment history. Direct contact with previous employers can provide valuable insights into the candidate's role and performance.
  • Background Checks: Comprehensive background checks serve as a cornerstone for validating a candidate's professional and personal history.
  • Reference Checks: Engaging with references can offer candid perspectives on a candidate's abilities and work ethic.
  • Interview Inconsistencies: Pay close attention to discrepancies in candidates' responses during interviews. Inconsistencies can often signal embellishments.
  • Educational Background Verification: Especially for roles requiring specific qualifications, verifying educational credentials is essential.
  • Job Assessment: Implementing practical, job-related assessments can demonstrate a candidate's actual abilities beyond what's on paper.
  • Inconsistent Resume Information: Look for anomalies in resumes, such as unexplained gaps or sudden leaps in responsibilities, and probe these areas during interviews.

Beyond the Resume: Seeking True Potential

Effective recruitment is not just about spotting lies; it's about uncovering hidden gems. A balanced approach that combines validation with potential assessment can lead to discovering candidates who may not have a perfect resume but possess the growth mindset and skills that align with your company's values and culture.

Enhancing Hiring with In-Depth Assessments:

In our practice at Evotym, we've refined the art of candidate assessment to an exact science. Here's how we do it:

  • Initial CV Analysis: We start by thoroughly analyzing the CV, crafting a list of role-specific questions that target the candidate’s stated experiences and skills.
  • Screening Interview: This involves role-based questions to validate basic knowledge and claims made in the CV.
  • In-depth Interview: We conduct a more rigorous interview to double-check responses and probe deeper into the candidate’s technical and soft skills.
  • Skill Testing and Technical Interview: Candidates undergo practical skill assessments and technical interviews to verify their current competencies.

This multi-layered approach has proven effective. In one instance, it led us to identify a candidate whose resume underplayed their abilities. Their performance in practical tests and deep technical discussions revealed a level of expertise far surpassing what their CV suggested. This candidate turned out to be a star performer, driving significant advancements in one of our key projects.

Creating a Trust-Based Recruitment Process

Building a recruitment process that's thorough yet respectful towards candidates is key. It’s about creating an environment where honesty is valued and potential is recognized. This approach helps foster a positive candidate experience and establishes your company as an employer of choice.


The modern recruitment landscape requires a nuanced approach – one that meticulously verifies information while also seeking the inherent potential in each candidate. Remember, people are the most valuable asset of a company, and finding the right talent is about balancing diligent scrutiny with an optimistic view of human potential.

Struggling with the intricacies of modern recruitment? Contact us for expert assistance in refining your hiring process and discovering the talent your team deserves.

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